Having graduated from film school with several short films under his belt Simon began his career as a commercials director winning the advertising industries prestigious D&AD award with his first TV spot and receiving various ‘Best Newcomer’ awards. Whilst working on numerous international advertising campaigns he directed several documentary/dramas for television and wrote, produced and directed two independent short films, both of which gained cinema releases alongside theatrical feature films.

His cinematic shorts and commercials work led to him being offered his first feature film ‘Blessed’ starring Heather Graham, James Purefoy and Andy Serkis. Simon has since gone on to direct a further six feature films, collaborating with high profile talent in front and behind the camera.

He recently directed his first theatrical play ‘The Two Faces of Agent Lacey’ which ran in London's West End and has just completed his latest feature film ‘Steel Country’ (2018 Winner Best International Feature at Galway Film Festival), produced by Gareth Ellis Unwin and starring Andrew Scott, Denise Gough and Bronagh Waugh.

Recent Awards:


Discovering film in a friends garage, watching Planet of the Apes on Super 8. 

Discovering there was such a thing as ‘Film School’ and loving every minute of it. 

Getting work experience at Pinewood Studios with the Academy Award winner Roy Field.

Finding the original matte paintings from Pink Floyd’s ‘THE WALL’ behind an old shed! 

Working with Honey Monster! 

 Being asked to consider a future as a director by my Film Lecturers. 

Being signed to a production company as a director  (Thank you James Studholme) 

Winning a D&AD with my first commercial. 

Working with the gentleman and legendary cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond - Insane! 

Meeting my wife and having my two kids

Telling my dog to turn ‘left’ and she did! 

Working with James Ellroy.

Watching talented actors at work. 

Seeing my best mate win an Oscar.

Watching a Producer who knows how it’s done.  (You know who you are) 

Working with many a talented crew.

Discovering Kirlian Photography. 

Making my own Garden furniture. 

Experiencing the Mardi Gras.

Learning how to plaster a wall.

Spending an year filming with Michael Franzese.

Flying on Concorde. 

 I could go on and on but I won’t!